Hello fellow moms! My name is Terra. I’m a mother of a 3-year old beautiful girl. She is my world! I’m not much different than any other single mom I’m sure all our little ones our everything to us. 🙂  Not only am I a mom but I’m a young single mom. I never knew the challenges I would face in motherhood let alone single motherhood. My daughter “sperm donor” (haha) has never even met my daughter. Now I’m sure you might be thinking it is my doing, but no he has chances and still could have the opportunity to meet her but he has not. He really has no excuse as to why he can’t be a parent. At this point, you would think he would at least pay more than $1.38 towards child support so he doesn’t get in legal trouble. That’s not on me though, we don’t and won’t ever need or want his money. So I like to say I’m the true definition of a single mom and I actually love it! Yes, it is very hard at times but I don’t want to ever have to share my beautiful angel! She’s all mine. I do wish I got some time to my self one days but I’m okay with spending every second with her. I know that I can’t be the only young single mother who struggles and has questions about parenting. So, I made this blog to help other single moms who are young and looking for tips, tricks, and really anything about being a mommy!



Being a mother is the most common job but the only job that doesn’t pay. LOL. Wow, can you imagine if we got paid, we would all be rich!! Haha. I made this blog to help other young single moms from parenting tips to organization skills, healthy living, how to stay positive and working from home as a single mom and the things that have worked for me to make money. I also want this to be a place where we can be a strong community of women that are here for each other.  I want everyone to feel safe and comfortable when we talk about stuff here and this is the place where you can talk about anything and give advice.



My goal is to at least help one person with this blog and if I help more than one I would be grateful! I’m also looking for other like-minded single moms to partner with that want to help other moms too!

If you ever have any questions about anything feel free to contact me whenever!



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