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The Secret To Finding The BEST FREE beautiful Stock Photos

January 5, 2018

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The Secret To Finding The BEST FREE Beautiful Stock Photos

By Terra Cibula

Are You Looking For Beautiful FREE Stock Photos But Not Having Much Luck ?

When I first started blogging my favorite part was to make pretty pictures to pin and post on my blog and use for my other businesses. I ran into a couple road blocks about a month into blogging. I’m sure you may have or are hitting these same road blocks. The pictures you are finding and the sites to find them at are usually at least one of these:

  • They are not free, they may be a small price but not free
  • You already subscribed and downloaded the stock photos most sites offer for free stock photos
  • They only have 1 - 5 for free

Here is my list of my favorite places
stock photos!

                  If you are blogging, marketing your business, making memes, or simply just creating your own beautiful images, you have found the right post. Some of these you may already have but some you may not. Let me know your favorite website or blog that you got your FREE stock photos from in the comments at the bottom 🙂 Enjoy!

   Ivory Mix 

This is by far one of my favorite places to get stock photos one reason being the number of photos you have access to! is such a fun resource with plenty to choose from. By signing up  you instantly gain access to 300+ free photos. How generous! Here is one of her photos that I love –

  Creative Convex

One of many places to find the top top beautiful stocks and I love that you get more then one for free! You can get yours here. Here is what one of my favorite are from Creative Convex.

 Helene In Between

Here you will get 15 Free Stock Photos that are just absolutely beautiful! They are really girly that’s why I love them!!! She has an amazing blog too. Get Your Free 15 Stock Photos Here.

  Rekita Nicole

I love this one because of how she uses such awesome colors. Here you will get 11 Free Stock Photos Instantly. Just go to her page

  Feminine Stock

Of course I love this site just from the name of it. I think I really just love girly photos.  You will get 10 Free Stock Photos Straight To Your Email.

 Twigy Posts 

You get 5 Free Photos Here And I use these quite often in my posts. Perfect For Bloggers!

These really are just couple of my favorite places to get amazing photos for your blog or website. The best way I think to find free stock photos is to not google, not search on pinterest, I personally like to look at my favorite bloggers and the photos they have on their blog if I love them I tend to find a post they have about where they got theirs or I comment on their blog and ask and they always tell 🙂 Well, if they are free that is, I have got some that say they had to buy them but it is really a great investment. They would be photos that no one has, so that one of the pros to getting paid photos


If you just started blogging, or you are thinking about starting a blog and you are in need of some awesome stock photos and really just don’t know where to start I reccomend the course I took for my blog. It does not just tell me how to get my blog set up. This course tells you and shows you how to set up your blog step by step, and how and where to get traffic to your blog. How to make beautiful images for pinterest and your blog posts. So check out the courses that Suzi at Start A Mom Blog has to offer they really are amazing! She has many!


Check Out How To Make Pinnable Images On Pic Monkey Course Here


And The Start A Mom Blog Course Here


I highly highly recommend all of her courses and eBooks!